All the Winters of My Body

My poetry book, All the Winters of My Body, is free to download.

I released All the Winters of My Body (which I like referring to as “atwomb”) on January 28, 2017. For the many people who are unfamiliar with my work, most of the poems I’ve written are about longing, distance, happiness, melancholy, and several other feelings I attempt to describe. It sounds pretentious. Actually, it probably is pretentious to a degree, but I try very hard to “keep it real.”

15825933_10158033120190611_4743835705077263211_nIn celebration of the book’s one-year anniversary—and due to my earnest desire to be read by as many people as possible—I’m giving away free pdf copies of my book here. I ask for nothing in return, apart from maybe a few minutes of your time to check out a few of my poems. I’ve also been consistently updating an instagram account that serves as a reading companion to the book. Over the past few months I’ve been visiting places that have inspired some of the poems in the book, and I’ve paired them with some bite size borrowings from my All the Winters of My Body. I really hope you enjoy the poems.

All the Winters of My Body – Cover Art

All the Winters of My Body – Full Text (better for those on browsers)

Read online on Issuu (better for mobile users)

In case you’re interested, I’m still selling physical copies of the book. I don’t really have a credit card payment system, but I do have a Paypal account, as well as a good old fashioned bank account.

You can email me for orders at, or you can DM the @atwomb instagram account. Then we can sort out how to get the book to your doorstep. Cheers.