Over The Moon

Because happiness is an unlocking
from the spinning Earth.
An endless jump

forgiven by the slumbering god of gravity.
The rules doing what rules do—
drawing that line of chalk

between boredom and joy.
Then the mind making mischief.
A fat boy leaps from planet

to planet, including Pluto.
A comet takes a U-turn
because its long hello wasn’t heard

by a few sleeping children.
A blind man who has never seen a smile
smiles without apology

to the serious world and its monocle
for taking the day off
and not hammering away

on the big jail rock of survival.
This once: a little flair for all of us.
A mindless nod to the origin story

of gunpowder, which was invented
to light up Chinese skies with a great magic.
A greeting card for the art

of clowning, and the simple pleasure
of laughing at a terrified child. A few notes
whistled for our first songs, who were happy

with their short, short lives and being
that loud nameless beat, pulsating
in the invisible fog of desire—

the boys and girls dancing,
minds vacant of all things
expecting a pure, love-filled future.

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