I think it gets in the way
like a road sign in Vladivostok
saying Остановить.
I don’t know what it means

either, but I imagine myself
lost in some Russian street.
Not knowing where to go.
As if everything in the world

were equally far apart
and lovable. I’ve never been to Russia,
but look, I’m sitting down
on a curb, writing down

the opposite of my feelings
because I am there, I belong there.
I am the type of person
who wears his pants inside out,

then outside in when it gets dirty.
It’s a balancing act of the heart.
Some people call it
a Russian Reversal

and use it for comedy skits.
I think it means much more.
That it works
on some philosophical level

explaining why
I treat sadness in reverse
expecting much more than one word.
Not knowing what’s been created.

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