In the future

will be underwater
and more beautiful
for being so.

There will be a new difference
between the temporary
and the not temporary
and everything in between

like footprints or letters —
Arabic, and all of them.
Some things will stay the same.
Every person will drown

in the confusion of letting go
and holding on. Some will hold
onto everything. Some will write
messages in the water

believing one day
they will find a way to read it.

4 thoughts on “In the future

  1. This speaks about letting go, which I believe is more concrete than going after something. In letting go, you are faced with the immediate consequences. In chasing after something, you are hounded with uncertainties.

    What are your thoughts on chasing dreams of which you are unsure of?

    Would you give up everything ‘practical’ for the sake of one very vague dream? Have you ever?


    1. Hi again!

      You’re right. I’m not quite sure where the “going after” comes in in this one. I’m guessing it’s just something that you’re concerned with at the moment?

      I believe that “chasing” itself is an unsure act — the fact that you’re chasing it means you are not sure of achieving/capturing it.

      I’m just lucky that, in my life (or from my perspective) at least, happiness and “practicality” intersect multiple times.


      1. Yeah, you’re right. It’s just something I’m very concerned with at the moment.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the “going after” part. 😀


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