The most tragic thing in the world
is falling in love
with the past. Or believing
the past is writing you letters —
handwriting in an old
English script, letters
smudged, but readable
enough to hold
you hostage — because what
is the sound of something lost
but misunderstanding?
Outside, a cricket
sings a single syllable to the night,
which must be like falling in love
with a pile of borrowed books, exhaling
into it, dust floating
before leaving. It must be like finding
yourself groping the space
where the covers of returned novels
used to end, like sighing
into a harmonica — lightly
enough to keep the silence,
only crickets, and the invisible
notes of sadness.

19 thoughts on “Parting

  1. i’ve been following this blog for the past months and you really have a talent for words!:D i hope you post more often, even after your graduation.


  2. i thought of reading this poem without any intention of scrutinizing it yet. i did. and for some reason, it brought me close to tears. (yes, may ganun, emo ako. and this is my comment after my first reading.)

    yo, your dumaguete mats. 😀


    1. salamat geneve! may pakiramdam ako though na marami-rami pang papalitan sa piece na ‘to.

      sige, e-mail ko sayo ‘yung mats. 😀


  3. Hey, i liked the poem you recited last monday @mag:net (happy mondays). Particularly the first one. 🙂 can you post it or it is in your archives? Thanks!


    1. hi! thanks, i’m glad you liked it, but may i know who this is? i can mail it to you, actually. i don’t have a particular reason for not posting it, i just feel weird having it here, but i don’t mind sending it to people personally.

      you can mail me at gian.lao at 😀


  4. This brought me to tears (but you know I’m emo anyway).

    I like how your blog transitioned from entries about porn to beautiful masterpieces like this. Not that I don’t miss the porn posts, though. Those were funny.


    1. kate, thank you, it means a lot. actually, i have a lot of sad pieces that are similar to this one. i think i’m just rationing them (in terms of blog posts) para hindi super sad yung blog ko, hahaha.

      which also explains the porn articles. hahahaha. mag update ka!


  5. I honestly know nothing about poetry, but I think this is beautiful. 🙂

    (Got your blog’s link from a friend of mine. You’re a pretty awesome writer!)


    1. wow, thanks! it really means a lot to me.

      peeked at your tumblr; nice reading list! been meaning to read winterson actually. 😀


      1. I’m reading my first Winterson book and it’s really weird, in a good way. Compared to the kind of books I usually read, it’s.. I don’t know how to explain it. Haha!


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