Memories: A Reply

Dearest, this is how a picture fades: slowly. That sometimes I forget the importance of a good memory. When we loved each other in the time before photographs, I remember my hands committing to memory the perfect faults of your face, observing which parts of it disappeared first. The nose. I forget how your nose looks. Or your eyes. Your lips, the way you speak. I forget the shape of your chin, the fragility of your neck. There is nothing left to justify your beauty but your hair. I remember still the color of your hair. If only you could yellow elegantly into the past like a photograph, or an important letter. In this letter you sent is your handwriting, dying remnants of your left hand, from the past where we were both less forgetful than we are. Without reading it I smile. In another time I think I am capable of remembering you. I think: Faraway, there is a beautiful woman who is thinking of me. You are beautiful, still, without a doubt. Always beautiful like any flower, any sky: without question, without need for memory. And despite this, what I have learned all these years is that the past is a place that everyone grows tired of. But everyone ends up there in the end. We are old. We will be gone soon. Dust in the ground. And thatโ€™s where Iโ€™ll find you.

6 thoughts on “Memories: A Reply

  1. To commit to memory doesn’t necessarily mean you will never forget, it only means that you will always choose to remember even if some parts fade away.

    I would love to have a letter like this written to me…sometime in my twilight years.


  2. I read a few days ago that art and religion and philosophy are rather useless but this uselessness is what makes them important for it paves the way for freedom – freedom from doing things out of pragmatic necessity.
    I have been looking for your poem The City in Which I loved You ever since I heard you recite it during the Labor of Love event. Glad to have found it, finally. I am a fan. ๐Ÿ™‚ Please keep on posting. I’ll be on the lookout for your book. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Oh, thank you! I wonder if I’ve updated the version of that poem on this blog. I don’t think I have!

      I’m surprised people still read this blog, to be honest. I should post something soon. And a book! I wish! We’ll see. I plan on self-publishing soon! I’ll give you a heads up!


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