The Porn Industry (Pass 1: Introduction and Market Study)

An industry report on pornography


It is a strange feeling that one day, people will forget what it felt like to pop a porno CD onto a disc tray and masturbate with a remote control in the weak hand to fast forward through the penis close-ups. At the same time, it is hard to deny that the porn industry is evolving. Penises, after all, die a lot earlier than their owners – and masturbation too. This is due to the widespread effects of limp dicks and arthritis on the elderly. Thus, like customers in Jollibee, the turnover rate in pornography is quick.

However, Americans spend an estimated $10 billion on online porn every year, so the industry is actually growing despite the comings and goings and comings again of its biologically loyal patrons. The 13 year-olds who discover the joy of solitary self-gratification today will inevitably penetrate the market one year after, when they are 14.

Market Study


The main competitors of pornography, in general, are religion and close-mindedness. While we certainly live in technologically advanced times, and while man has succeeded in significantly decreasing the amount of unwanted pregnancies through the wonder of condoms, porn profits are hit hard by uptight religious groups that try to paralyze the marketing capabilities of porno firms.

There is a lot of room for growth in this aspect. In Japan, for example, there are ads for new porn videos available on DVD on the giant television screens in the streets of downtown Osaka. The capability to advertise, alone, allows for a larger profit margin for the larger companies such as S1 and Soft Demand.

Companies in the industry should strive to convince Church Leaders (today’s version of tribe elders) that sex is good. Thus, a strategic investment on the hooking industry to send the gift of getting laid to these deprived men may be good for the longevity and growth of porn companies.

Market Trends

People are going more for home-made pornography because it seems “real.” There seems to be less and less interest among younger audiences in “produced porn.” However, there are some things that concern consumers with the home-made porn available these days, such as the single camera angle as well as the bad lighting.

Recently, amateur porn producer Hayden Kho has been criticized for the awful lighting as well as the terrible camera angles in his recent releases. Kho states that the videos were leaked and were not able to undergo post-production.

Nonetheless, it is highly possible that larger porn companies will try to come up with more “real” productions in order to satisfy the current wants of the market. This can only be classified as a dream for porn watchers everywhere. Home-made porn with camera angles and better lighting, fans say, is “stuff that you could only wish for.” There are some issues that may arise for porn companies, however, especially since home-made videos are shot in black and white. The visibility of semen is one such issue. Some fear that the novelty of the moneyshot may turn extinct within the next few decades.

End of Part I: Look out for Part II.

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