In Context: Her Sunday Afternoon

From across the street, a woman is sweeping (de walis ting-ting) the pavement (‘yung papuntang kanal) [and you wonder if it’s really possible to wade through water with a broom]. From around her is the sound of a radio, on full volume [from your side of the street, it is faint]. A love song (‘yung kinanta ng Nexxus) is played, one (Superman ng Five for Fighting) after (You’re the Inspiration) another (Iris ng Goo Goo Dolls). The woman knows  the words (ikinopya sa likod ng listahang pampalengke ang liriks) to all of them. On this side of the road is a man smoking (Fortune, ang bagong champion), wearing a wifebeater (sando). He looks towards the woman and calls her attention (PSHHHT!). She thinks to herself “Bahala na, Linggo naman e” and smiles.

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