jta sem: the good

contrary to the latter part of jta 1st sem, i was NOT late for marketing. i opened the door to som102 and on the entire left-most column of the room, i knew no one. okay, so i decided that i wasn’t remotely considering sitting in that row. next row: what the fuck, who the hell are these people beside yeni raboca? the last row brought the comfort of familiar faces. they weren’t exactly the faces i WANTED to see, but they did the job: no offense to trisha, nikko or clara, but i really was looking for mia and kryz who came way later than me, rarr.

i sat in the second row of the last column, on the right-most chair (teacher’s perspective). yeni and trish moved beside me and i was like, hmm, maybe i should sit in the next row instead so i have people i can be all buddy buddy with. besides, basic friends politics says that i should sit in a row with them, which i’m really not complaining about, just saying that it would’ve been weird to sit in any other way.

in retrospect, i wouldn’t have minded remaining in my seat or sitting in the row of kate paredes, cam revilla and anne abad, or beside nate yu.

but enough about seats

by the end of the sem the random faces i was so wary and scared of were pretty cool. then again they say that after experiencing a traumatic event together, people tend to relate better. but yes, i do like the jta comtech block. some people i still don’t know, some people i may never talk to again, but the general feeling is that i like the people.

i like talking about sports with rico, nate and mark, the only ‘dudes’ in our block apart from the ultimate ‘dude’, yul (i still can’t believe he said ‘dude’ in the marketing mock). i liked playing basketball once with them and nearly passing out from fatigue. i like learning from nate (see next paragraph).

i like being mean with kryz and mia. i like drawing hit-or-miss things and asking them to look at it. i like saying that opman and marketing passes are only 5%. i like how they get annoyed when i say it. i like killing time in between classes with them. i like talking about people and feeling like i’m one of the ‘mean girls’. i like learning disgusting cebuano terms (c/o nate feat. kryz). i like staying up all night procrastinating with mia. i like a lot of things with them two. most recently, i liked how mia and i had several battles with the shits on the final sunday and monday of jta sem. we took on so much shit, we were misplaced letters away from being jedis (kudos to anyone who got that).

i like talking to kate paredes, cam revilla and rico cruz, (at times trish lalisan),  who always happen to be together. i like ‘doing’ opman homework with them. i like laughing at people who do unnecessary all nighters to finish j-dramas.

i liked that group backstabbing session after the last finance exam.

i liked our teachers too:

ma’am mendiola who always dominated the conversation. she’s really funny, funnier than 90% of women her age. i made up that stat, and i wish i could’ve made up stats during our defense just to shut that motherfucking prick of a panelist up (just personal opinion).

ma’am de joya is really admirable. she acts like she’s one of us, like she wants to learn from what we say, even if we are lowly juniors and she was apparently aly yap’s philosophy teacher. imo she’s really bloody close to sophon.

sir dimagiba, in my opinion, smokes pot before he grades our work, which is cool.

sir pilar is the best daddy in the world. the kindest teacher i’ve had in college. i will grow a ‘stache in his honor.

sir sandoval is the best. he pops his collars and doesn’t care what you think. he’s abnormally passionate about finance — also possibly the fastest finance-r in the world.

but wait

the absolute best part of jta sem is that it’s over.

2 thoughts on “jta sem: the good

  1. “the absolute best part of jta sem is that it’s over.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

    Oh, and hey, I love cramming for Philo long tests with you! Haha. I don’t think I would’ve survived through the whole ordeal without your Eastern Philosophy take on Heidegger.

    And I just finished another j-drama. I should seek help…


  2. It’s okay, I can’t stop reading manga. They all have formulaic plots too, but it’s done so well!

    And don’t worry I don’t REALLY care if you watch too many j-dramas. I’m just worried you’ll catch leukemia if you continue doing all-nighters even with JTA sem done HAHAHA


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